About Alex


Not long ago, CureWear® Founder Alex Niles was enjoying life like any other 30-year old: late nights with friends, spontaneous global travel, and the passionate pursuit of opportunity.

Then came the curveball.

In the fall of 2013, Alex was diagnosed with stage IV gastric cancer. A former Division I scholarship athlete at Drexel University, Alex quickly nominated himself MVP---most valuable patient---and committed himself to making the most of treatment and life. 




With unique first-hand insight into the patient experience, Alex soon discovered that even the smallest things can have the biggest impact. Understanding the need and space for strengthened palliative care, Alex designed CureWear®, a functional and fashionable line of patient-centric and advocate-friendly shirts that foster treatment, healing, and unity.

CureWear® currently works with patients, medical professionals, nonprofit organizations, and design experts to bring a sense of reinforcement to those in need. Members of the CureWear® team come from a wide range of backgrounds, but all share a connection to the fight against cancer and chronic illnesses. Together, with you, CureWear® is building a new model for treatment, one that supports hearts, minds, and bodies.

CureWear® proudly partners with foundations who share the same vision, leaders in medical research, and people and communities looking to deepen their involvement. CureWear® is also made in the United States and donates one patient shirt for every two shirts purchased.