How do I know if CureWear will work with my port?

All of our port-access shirts feature an accessibility patch on the right side of the chest. That said, if your port is on the left or central, a nurse should easily be able to either stretch the patch, or run tubing/lines across the chest and through the opening. Have questions? Email us at and we'll connect you with someone who can answer them.

How can I place a large order of CureWear products? 

For information about placing a large order, please email the sales team at In the email, tell us about the quantities that you may be interested in. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Who do I speak with regarding wholesale and bulk orders?

For inquiries about wholesale orders, you can also contact the sales team at

Can I purchase custom products?

We now have the capability to screen print company logos or artwork on our products, given ample time. For more information email the sales team at